When You Know

As a girl I knew I wanted to be a wife and a mother, I knew what kind I wanted to be! I imagined myself living out a life of complete and utter bliss with my husband and children… Though I imagined this for myself, I had no immediate examples and for this reason, the trauma I dreaded played out in the earliest years of marriage! We took our bad as much as we celebrated our good! Some days we didn’t like each other, other days we couldn’t be without each other, however through it all, I can say that I am grateful God chose my anchor Aaron Royale Shelton for me!

I have always been a lover, and in being so, I was always busy loving and not really understanding how to be loved until through the love of God shown through his choice, I finally healed to a place where I could receive the love I needed and no longer working to prove the love I thought I had to give! Some of you are here right now… not sure to end it or stay, not sure if you made the right choice because your traumas keep running into you, and instead of being friends your living as enemies!!! It’s ok if it hurts, let it!!! Then seek healing because I am a living witness it gets better with time…You want the sauce, wanna know how we made it through, from Trauma to Triumph 16 years together, 14 years married, and still growing in love.

  • Jewelene Richardson
    Posted at 07:47h, 21 April Reply

    Beautiful testimony!

    • Jabrita Shelton
      Posted at 15:13h, 22 April Reply

      Thank you so much, we appreciate your comment!❤️

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