“Breaking Generational Cycles by getting to the root cause of your Pain”

Bootcamp Description:

The Mental Madness Bootcamp is a 5-week Live Group Intense Deep-dive that is designed to help you make connections with the pain of your past, reconcile the truth of your story, and establish new agreements to live a life of freedom through mindfulness.

What’s Included:

  • Private Access to Madness University
  • Access to Private FB Group
  • Madness Journal
  • 5 Modules & 5 Live Coaching Sessions

Purpose of Bootcamp:

The Mental Madness Bootcamp is where we bring awareness to, and give voice to what happened. Awareness brings power to change the trajectory of the story you’ve told yourself as the victim. It is also where we get the courage to now become a Victor, and embrace the freedom we need to live life as a healed whole woman. It is the truth of our stories that we learn to embrace as we rewrite the narration of our healed future.

I will specifically cover the following:


Courage is the one trait you must have when you begin to identify the problem and its source of pain.


The ability to acknowledge one’s own feelings, different key points, and details of each experience gives you the ability to stand in your personal power and truth.


You must learn to take ownership of the feelings associated with your deepest pain so that you can do the  hard heart work and celebrate your true freedom.


Forgiveness does not excuse the offense of what happened to you, nor does it communicate it didn’t happen. Forgiving the offense restores your confidence in yourself, releases enmity, and holds the offender accountable.


Here is where you learn to choose power over your pain, where you learn how to shift your energy when triggered and maintain control. Where you learn how to embody new energy around what happened where pain has now become a weapon of purpose.

You will walk away with:

  • Understanding the difference between where your family’s madness ends and your madness begins.
  • A new perspective surrounding the story you have told yourself over time  that left you feeling stuck, stagnant, and ashamed
  • Increased self-worth, value, and a heightened awareness that demonstrates confidence and exudes strength while on your healing journey of recovery
  • Strategies for your “Routine of Resistance” that will arm you for battle while empowering you to stand in your truth without over explaining, overcompensating, being over sensitive, and feeling the need to no longer have to apologize.
  • The tools that put you in the driver’s seat of your emotions, trauma triggers, and in control of your trauma responses so that what happened to you no longer robs you of WHO you are!

This IS for you if:

  • You are tired of running in circles from the pain of your past
  • You want to experience  transformative mental, emotional, and spiritual  breakthroughs 
  • You want to live the liberties of freedom and close the casket on being a prisoner of your past
  • Be in control of your life and get in front of your story
  • You are ready to HEAL the MADNESS

This IS NOT for you if:

  • You are more committed to the pain of your past than the freedom of your future
  • You have hesitation about your  level of commitment to the journey of healing and recovery
  • You choose to remain a victim in your story and a prisoner of your circumstances
  • You see this as anything less than an investment in your future.
  • You are NOT ready to Mind Your Madness


Frequently Asked Questions


When does Mental Madness Bootcamp Begin?

Sunday, January 9, 2022 @ 7pm (subject to change)


How does the Bootcamp work?

You will be given private access to Madness University where your course, homework, videos will be uploaded weekly. There will be LIVE Q& A Coaching Calls via zoom for added support as you actively implement the content from the course.


What happens after the 5-weeks are over? 

There are other methods of support which will be announced prior to the Bootcamp’s ending. 


How can we stay connected for further support? If you have not subscribed to the newsletter, please do so. That way you can be the first to know about the Madness community connections.


How much time per week should I set aside for the Bootcamp?

You should dedicate, calendar in, and block 2-3 hours per week to complete the module, reflect, journal, and interact in the private FB group yielding support and being supported from your fellow community members.


What if I have never completed any exercises around healing in the past? If you have never engaged in any type of healing in the past, it is perfectly fine. We welcome you as long as you are open, willing, and intentional about getting the healing you came to receive


What if I have other questions not listed here? 

Click here to send me a DM on Facebook or email me at admin@mindyourmadnessexperience.com