Are You Prepared?

As we know 2020 has had its challenges and is still dishing uncertainties, my questions for you are what have you done with the obstacles and opportunities given this year? What lessons have you learned? What traumas have you healed? Where are you in your recovery? Have you sought God for the next or have you to complain yourself out of one issue into the next?

Last month I took time to seek God in prayer and reflection, time to be still and hear because if you all think 2020 is something just wait for what 2021 will bring! I employ you to DO whatever work you need to do to get healing, rest, recovery, really clear about your steps moving forward! Assess where you are, who’s in your circle, what they mean to you, and how their connection will propel you forward or keep you stuck!

We cannot make it alone, everything must be done through authentic relationships! If you haven’t got serious there’s still time left!

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