Mind Your M.A.D.N.E.S.S. is a 7-step process that focuses on moving women organically through past and present trauma using mindfulness!

Mind your M.A.D.N.E.S.S was created because we are in a time of history where the pressures of life from outside channels and influences are at an all-time high. Due to the external pressures, we have begun experiencing triggers from our internal pains. These pains are unresolved traumas that have been lying dormant mentally, emotionally, and spiritually as early as childhood. These traumas have been carried from one phase of life into another merging issues upon issues, that are now bleeding into our lives in various ways. Mind your M.A.D.N.E.S.S is here as an added support for the woman who has lost or is losing sight of it all .  Regardless of the depth of pain trauma derives from, the Mind your M.A.D.N.E.S.S experience will help you navigate your process organically through mindfulness, and find healing on the other side.

The M.A.D.N.E.S.S Method








What are the results?

The outcome received through this experience is lifted, shifted, and healed trauma using multiple modalities of healing, activities, boot camps, group coaching, consultations, energy healing, and therapy as needed.

added support

Navigate your process organically through mindfulness.

daily tools

Will aid in the daily management of stress, anxiety, and depression through mindfulness!


The ability to heal just about everything around and within us.

Jabrita R. Shelton

Transformational Coach and Founder

With 20+ years combined experience as a Private Coach, Serial Entrepreneur, and 10+ years as a Non Profit CEO and Administrator, Jabrita has dedicated her life to the service of others at a high cost. She is not only a Mental Health Advocate, Certified Trauma Professional, Author, Speaker, and Trauma Transitions Coach but a woman who has lived with and conquered depression, escaped physical abuse, lived through and survived multiple suicide attempts. Jabrita is no ordinary coach, this is her life’s work. Jabrita says” It is an honor to assist in the breaking of mental strongholds, and emotional bondage trauma brings; however, what I know is this… the service of my calling and the price paid is an opportunity I use to tell God THANK YOU!” More…

upcoming events


LIVE events will be hosted by yours truly Jabrita Shelton &Co in community with other professionals, speakers, and special guest features. As we go deep, bring an open mind, glass of wine, journal for gems and get comfortable being in the room. Soul Wine is a very intimate, open space, where anything transformative can and will take place.


This 8-week coaching experience is for women who are serious about moving themselves from passenger to driver while pushing trauma to the outskirts of life.
Mind Your MADNESS Coaching Experience is a 7-step process that focuses on moving you organically through the process of healing trauma, past and present.


Has trauma moved in and taken up real estate in your mind? Does it seem that you don’t function at the mental capacity you once did? How much mental clutter has it created? What would it look and feel like to experience freedom of thought without the presence of trauma lingering in the background? Join me for a 3-Day Mind Your MADNESS Mental Intensive Bootcamp




latest in the MADNESS movement


I have not always been able to Manage the traumas in my life, however, I was Always DETERMINED to not allow my traumas to Manage Me!!! The KEYS to TRANSITIONING Trauma are: 1. First being aware of it ( You have to IDENTIFY it) 2.

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Inner Growth

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